Eye is the most sensitive part of your body. It should be allotted thorough care and protect as well. You always should take care of your eyes to make sure they are always healthy and safe! Here are some simple ways but proven best on how to care healthy eyes.

What should I do if I get something in my eye?
If you get something in your eye, NEVER EVER rub your eyes! Eyes are sensitive and can be scratched easily. Instead keep blinking till your eye waters.

How can I protect my eyes when I an active?
When playing sports or constructing, always use the proper eye protection, such as goggles, helmets, or visors.

Why should I never look into the sun? 
Your eyes are made to see only certain kinds of light, and the sun is just too bright for your eyes to handle. So you should never look into the sun, because its brightness will damage the light-sensitive part inside your eye called the retina.

What kinds of foods should I eat to make my eyes stronger? 
Milk. Drink lots of milk every day. Its full of important vitamins. Fruits and Vegetables are a good source of vitamins too! Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and carrots, and fruits such as apples, pears and oranges are very good for your eyes too. 

What is eye strain? 
Eye strain is what happens if you make your eyes work really hard for a really long time. Your eyes are controlled by muscles just like you have all over your body. If you use them too much in the wrong way, the muscles in your eyes will get damaged. So always have plenty of lights on when you read, watch, TV, use the computer, or do anything that you use your eyes for. Proper lighting reduces eye strain. And whenever you watch TV or use the computer, take little breaks every 15 minutes or so to rest your eyes. 

Will my eyes be affected if I don't get enough sleep? 
Your eyes will definitely be affected. Eyes need lots of rest to work their best, so be sure to get plenty of sleep every night. 

Do I really need to visit the eye doctor? 
The eye doctor is very important because he can let you know how your eyes develop as you grow. Visit your eye doctor regularly for check-ups, at least once every two years. People over the age of 60 should see their eye doctor every year!
prevention is much better than cure
"Prevention is much better than cure".